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26 Mayıs 2014 Pazartesi

Delete Your Tweets In Bulk with TweetEraser – Cool Too

This weeks Cool Tool allows you to delete your tweets in bulk.  I don’t want to delete my tweets from any accounts so I’ve been unable to test it fully.  If you try it or have tried it I’d love to know if it has worked for you and if you have had any issues with it so do let me know in the comments. 
There are various reasons that you might want to delete all your tweets.  Maybe you want to become more business centric with your tweeting and want to delete all those old tweets about drinking coffee or taking the cat to the vet.  Maybe you don’t want to be found in searches for the things you’ve tweeted about in the past.  Whatever your reason the good news is that yes you can delete your tweets from the past in bulk.
Before you start be aware that people may have ReTweeted tweets from you or copied tweets from you in the past so they could still exist.  It’s also worth noting that Twitter is being archived by The Library of Congress in the USA so although you have removed them from Twitter and Twitter and Twitter searches they will still exist there.

Here’s how it works:

delete tweets in bulk

  • The app gives you the option to filter your Tweets for the ones you want to delete.  You can filter by keyword, #tag or tweets for a specific period of time.
erase tweets with tweeteraser
  • The app will pull in all the tweets for the selected filter
  • You have the option to delete individual tweets or all the tweets that match your search by clicking the ‘+’ at the top of the page.

  • Click on ‘Delete selected items’
  • According to the FAQ’s you can delete up to 3,200 Tweets at one time
Be aware, once you have deleted tweets they cannot be restored.  If you want a record of the Tweets you’ve sent it’s worth backing them up first. There are a number of services available for doing this we’ll be taking a look at them in the future.
So have you used the app?  Does it work for you?  Why did you want to delete your Tweets?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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